Hreinn J. Stephensen

TITEL Diverse Areas 2012 ©Hreinn J. Stephensen 2012
MATERIAL Mixed media
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Hreinn J. Stephensen works with objects, sound and video and is also active as a musician. Many of Stephensen’s works deal with our manipulation of nature and ourselves, questioning the boundaries for this manipulation. He shows an awareness of nature as a part of humanity. Stephensen is engaged in trying to demonstrate that ‘the way things are’ can be different from the way things appear.

Stephensen’s art returns to basic questioning of perception and make us think about the relationship between surface and content, a relationship that is not always obvious either in his artworks or we come to realize, in life in general. Playing with scale and perspectives, he magnifies, conceals or distorts physical phenomena, as to suggest that we, on a conceptual level will never begin to understand the complexity of our world and the magnitude of our actions.