Juha Van Ingen

TITEL The City of Jasmine, 2012
MATERIAL DV PAL, silent 16:9 03:54
KONTAKT juha.van.ingen[at]gmail.com
HEMSIDA www.juhavaningen.com

I like to work in and with different mediums. Often the starting point for my work is a situation, space or a concept which I happen to encounter. My working process starts by stripping the subject I have selected down to basic elements which I then recompose to meet my artistic objectives. Coincidence is my favorite tool, if I would have to name one.

Working with artist initiatives has always been important to me, so when my friends and colleagues Árni Gudmundsson  and Cristian Rieloff told me about ID:I, I immediately took the opportunity to get involved. The show “Finnkamp” in 2008 at ID:I  started my ongoing artistic collaboration with Arni and Cristian.